Coffee, tea and cakes! Where is a good place in Old Tallinn to warm up on a cold day.

Nov 15, 2023

Shh... This will be our secret

Tallinn is especially beautiful in winter. A festive atmosphere envelops the city, looking like a scene from a fairy-tale film. But the cold forces you to look for cozy shelters with invigorating coffee or warming tea. Sometimes in Tallinn it is impossible to choose between dozens of different cute cafes generously scattered throughout the city. Our 120 Degrees team will share their experiences and tell you about our favorite places. Sometimes in Tallinn it is impossible to choose between dozens of different cozy cafes generously scattered throughout the city. Our 120 Degrees team will share their experience and tell you about their favorite places.

1. Maiasmokk cafe

Let's not be original and start the list with the oldest and most trusted cafe in the city. Translated from Estonian, the name means “sweet tooth”, and this is not surprising. Since 1864, the cafe has been delighting us with handmade marzipan, and later with factory-made marzipan.  Beautiful restored late 19th century interior, stunning location and excellent desserts.  Everything is made on site. A good reason to try coffee with traditional Old Tallinn liqueur.

The oldest cafe in Tallinn
Maiasmokk cafe, address Pikk street 16

2. Pulla Bakery

A new, but already favorite cafe with a good selection of fresh pastries. The bakery with display windows opens onto a pretty narrow street. When you come to visit, you have a strong desire to wrap yourself in a blanket and, with a cup in your hand, look at the falling snowflakes outside the window.

Cozy cafes in the Old Town. Tallinn
Pulla Bakery, Voorimehe 7

3. Vanalinna Rahva Raamat

What could be better than the combination of coffee and a good book? We definitely know the answer and it's a cafe in a bookstore. You can leisurely leaf through your favorite books over a cup of cappuccino in one of the most beautiful bookstores in Tallinn.

Cafe in a bookstore, Tallinn. The best place to work as a freelancer in the Old Town.
Vanalinna Rahva Raamat, Pärnu mnt. 10

4. Dopamyne Matcha Tea Bar & More

Tallinn will also delight matcha tea lovers. The new Dopamyne Matcha Tea Bar & More specializes in drinks and dishes with this wonderful ingredient. We highly recommend matcha tea to all believers. And of course it is worth noting that this is an excellent choice for those looking for environmentally friendly and vegetarian cuisine.

Best matcha tea in Tallinn
Dopamyne Matcha Tea Bar & More, Müürivahe Tänav 15-4

5. Embark on a Food Walking Tour

If you want to make the most of your foodie adventure in [City], consider joining a food walking tour. Led by local experts, these tours take you on a culinary journey through the city's best-kept secrets. From hidden food stalls to award-winning restaurants, you'll get a taste of it all. Along the way, you'll also learn about the history, culture, and traditions that shape [City]'s vibrant food scene.

Instagramable cafe Tallinn. Cafe with a beautiful interior
Mood, Vabaduse väljak 10


Amazing place with the best hot chocolate in town. In addition to this wonderful drink, there is an excellent selection of desserts and dishes for every taste, but that’s another topic. And just look into the cozy courtyard while strolling through the Old Town.

The best hot chocolate in Tallinn. Cozy courtyard in Tallinn

7. Meet the Local Chefs

One of the highlights of any foodie tour is getting to meet the talented chefs behind the delectable dishes. [City] is home to a vibrant culinary community, and many chefs are more than happy to share their passion and stories with visitors. Attend cooking classes, food festivals, or even chef-led tasting events to get a glimpse into the creative process and learn some culinary secrets along the way.

Cafe with a view in Tallinn
Saiakangi Cafe, Saiakang 3

8. Peppersack Cafe

In fact, Peppersack is an Estonian restaurant in a real house from the 14th century! But during the day, everyone has the opportunity to snack on a hearty pastry with a cup of tea in the atmospheric cafe halls. The cafe is open until 4 pm, and then only as a restaurant.

Medieval cafe Tallinn
Peppersack Cafe, Vana turg 6

9. Kehrwieder Chocolaterie

The cafe is located next door to the Sayakangi cafe, but has a completely different atmosphere. Cozy twilight of the first floor, vaulted ceiling and Town Hall Square behind the arched passage. A great option to get away from the elements while waiting for our 120 degree walking tour of the city.

Cafe on Town Hall Square Tallinn
Kehrwieder Chocolaterie, Saiakang 1

10. Anneli Viik Chocolates Cafe

First of all, this place will be of interest to lovers of handmade chocolate. Well, on especially frosty days, we recommend paying attention to sweets with liqueur. It won't be superfluous, you know)
Handmade chocolate Tallinn
Anneli Viik Chocolates Cafe, Pikk 30

11. III Draakon

If you haven't heard of the Third Dragon before, we won't spoil it. Hint: medieval fast food. And certainly no usual tea and coffee. You need this experience, just trust us.
medieval fast food in Tallinn
III Draakon, Raekoja plats 1

12. Long Tang Tea Bar

And finally, another tea option, this time bubble tea. Everyone loves bubble tea, but if you don't like it, you haven't tried it yet. 

bubble tea in Tallinn
Long Tang Tea Bar, Lai 36a

These were our favorite cafes in the Old Town. In any of them you can warm up after our walking tour of the city, which starts at 13:00 at the Town Hall Square. Waiting for you!